African Tie-dye


Ideal for arts weeks, we work with children to make beautiful tie dyed materials. These can be made into costumes for performances or for creating exciting displays around the school.

The fantastic effects of tie-dye give young people a great sense of achievement, along with the magic of not knowing how their work will turn out until they open it up!  We experiment with different ways of tying and dying materials to produce a variety of effects.  The results are always surprising and definitely give the wow factor!!

Children can work individually or in groups to create head scarves, sarongs, T-shirts or beautiful wall hangings ideal for making exciting displays around school.

Wall hangings of different sizes can be made involving black silhouette designs on a tie dye background. Children can draw African villages, animals, plants or patterns in black pen, and then see their pictures come to life with all the wonderful colours of the dyes.