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There are many instruments used to create the polyrhythms of West African percussion. We supply Djembe, Bougarabou, Doum Doum, Shakers, Bells and Accessories.

The featured instruments are the ones most used by Drumvoice, and have been found to be of consistently high quality. All our drums are supplied by Kambala from the Ivory Coast, and Bucara, a fair-trade partnership in Ghana. We can supply a range of African Kits and bespoke drumming packs that are ideally suited for drumming groups and schools.

Traditional Djembes

Our traditional Djembe is a high-quality handmade drums from Ghana. Made in conjunction with a Fair Trade organisation, it is traditionally carved from the Tweeneboa tree (African Cedar), and skinned with goat. The djembe is the drum which best exemplifies the sound of West African drumming music & the drum most enthusiasts buy. It encompasses a wide tonal range from very deep bass to cracking high notes.

Single Weave Djembes

The most popular West African drum. Our djembes stand out as durable, well-made instruments with a clear sound.

Double Weave professional Djembes:

The Double Weave professional is the top of the range Djembe. Twice as much rope is used which means the drums hold their tuning really well and have a great dynamic and tonal range. The weave around the top of the drum acts as a comfort curve. The relief carving is beautiful and unique to each drum.

Bucara Djembe 11″ (Standard 8yrs – adult) 99.00
Bucara Djembe 13″ (Large adult) 125.00
Bucara Djembe 11″ double string 129.00
Bucara Djembe 13″ double string 169.00
Double Weave Djembes

Fibreglass Djembes

The Bucara Festival instruments are manufactured with fibreglass instead of wood. With traditional roping and goat heads, they are loud, light drums which react in a similar way to wood drums and are well priced, colourful and durable.

Bucara 12″ Festival Djembe, Fibreglass Body, Bucara 69.00
Bucara 14″ Festival Djembe, Fibreglass Body, Bucara 105.00
Bucara 12″ Bolt-Tuned Festival Djembe, Fibreglass Body, Bucara 89.95
Fibreglass Djembes


Bougarabous are African congas. They are skinned with cow, and have a deep warm sound, more mellow than the djembe. Provide great contrast when grouped with djembes. Hand made in the Ivory Coast.

Kambala Bougarabou 11″ x 24″ 210.00
Kambala Bougarabou 10″ x 24″ 199.00

Doum Doums

Doum Doum provide the bass of the African ensemble. We stock three sizes:10″, the smallest of the range, the Sangba, 13″ – a mid drum,and the Doum Doum 16″. They are made from Iroca wood with cowskin heavy-duty heads. They are supplied with a pair of wood beaters, but can also sound very sonorous with a puff mallet.

Kambala Doum Doum 10″ x 18″ Small 145.00
Kambala Doum Doum 13″ x 20.5″ Medium 185.00
Kambala Doum Doum 16″ x 23″ Large 205.00
Bucara Doum Doum 12″ – Small, Fibreglass Body 129.00
Bucara Doum Doum 15″ – Large, Fibreglass Body 159.00
Doums Doums

Caxixi Shakers

These woven basket shakers, filled with seeds, add texture to the music & provide a steady pulse.

Caxixi Shaker 5.95
Caxixi Shaker


The shekere is a gourd covered with a net of beads. The beads can be tapped against the gourd to create intricate rhythms or it can be used as a shaker to provide a steady pulse.

Shekere Medium – 7″ 20.95
Shekere Medium

Ghana Bell

These two-tone bells adds brightness to the music

Ghana Bell Medium 17.95


Djembe Bag 10″/11″ 32.50
Djembe Bag 12″/13″ 32.50
Djembe Bag 14″/15″ 35.00
Djembe Cover (hat) 10″/11″ 11.50
Djembe Cover (hat) 12″/13″ 11.50
Djembe Cover (hat) 14″/15″ 11.50
Puff Mallet alternative beater for Doum Doum 9.74

Kambala Drum Pack 15

African Drumming Kit – for 15 players
5 Medium Djembe 11″
1 Doum Doum 10″ – Small
1 Doum Doum 13″ – Medium
2 Medium Ghana Bells
2 Shekere 5″ – Small
1 Shekere 7″ – Medium
3 Caxixi Shakers
total 1008.95
Kambala Drum Pack 15

Bucara Festival Pack

Festival African 20 player hand-drumming pack – Fibreglass instruments
15, 12″ Festival Djembe Standard
1 Doum Doum 12″ – Small
1 Doum Doum 15″ – Large
3 Shekere, medium
total 998.00
Bucara Festival Pack