About Us

Founded in 1998 by expert percussionist, Sarah Westwood, Drumvoice has built a reputation as a professional and inspiring company, providing drumming events for organisations and schools across the Midlands and the UK.

We love what we do and it really shows in our work!

Our team of artists are passionate, experienced and exceptional facilitators, stopping at nothing to provide first class education and training.

Our approach

At Drumvoice, we aim to:

  • Share the delights of playing drums
  • Create a strong feeling of community
  • Bring the best out of individuals and teams in a fun and creative way
  • Give people an uplifting, educational and memorable experience
  • Promote the benefits of drumming in educational, community and corporate settings

Sarah Westwood – Company Founder & Director

Sarah is an accomplished percussionist and a highly-respected music educator. Beginning her drumming career in her mid-twenties, she undertook many years of specialist training and developed her expertise in West African, Brazilian & Cuban drumming styles and went on to perform with a wide variety of bands.

Her desire to teach and share her love of drumming has always been strong, so in 1998 she founded Drumvoice, bringing African drumming, singing & dance workshops to schools and organisations across the West Midlands and the UK. 

Sarah is known for her inspiring and humorous approach to working with people. Her life-long interest in well-being and personal development has led to a passion for the ‘feel-good factor’ and this is at the heart of her message with Drumvoice.

“We work best when we feel the best – when we are inspired, engaged and feel valued,” says Sarah. “Drumming is a tremendous medium for energising groups of people and for building trust, co-operation and a true team-spirit.”

Meet the team!
Sarah is very proud to bring you the Drumvoice team of facilitators – superb percussionists, singers and dancers – who amaze, inspire and motivate wherever they go!

Lynette Freeth (Assistant Director & Multi-Arts Facilitator)

Lynette has been an inspiring figure on the community arts scene for the past 20 years.

Extensive travel across Europe and Asia with a professional dance troupe ignited an enduring passion for diverse cultural arts, community issues and a commitment to helping others achieve artistic expression.

She has a lifetime of experience designing and delivering collaborative projects across the creative arts sector.

Her values in sharing, cooperation and mutual respect underpin every project she takes on. A truly multi-talented Drumvoice facilitator, she is skilled in African drumming, movement, drama, theatre, dance, video and visual arts.

Robert ‘Goggie’ Ifill (African Caribbean Drumming & Dance Facilitator)

Goggie is our man from Barbados! He has got character with a capital “C” and his passion and enthusiasm for his art is contagious.

Goggie developed his drumming and dance skills whilst living in the Caribbean. He uses his first-hand knowledge of the island’s rhythms and culture to produce lively and unforgettable Drumvoice workshops.

With over 30 years experience working in both community and corporate settings, Goggie is truly one of a kind. The depth of his knowledge and passion for drumming combined with a unique ability to connect and communicate makes him an exceptional facilitator.

Ray Prince (Drumkit & African Drumming Facilitator)

Ray is an extraordinary drum-kit player and percussionist who has played for chart-topping artists and now shares his expertise through a busy teaching career.

Brought up in a family that plays almost every instrument under the sun, he lives and breathes music.

Charismatic and dynamic, Ray is an extremely positive role model for young people and has the invaluable ability to make music accessible and inviting to all students – whatever their age and ability.

Ray simply loves inspiring people to make music.

Claudia Prince (Gospel & African Harmony Singing Facilitator)

Claudia is a gospel singer with a powerful voice and a great sense of humour! She has toured internationally with Black Voices as well as with her own family gospel group, The Brown Sisters.

A committed teacher and professional singer, she inspires young people and adults wherever she goes with her warmth, humour and determination to see her students succeed.

Acting as an agony aunt to young people as often as a singing teacher, Claudia provides much needed encouragement to the younger generation. She simply “loves seeing people achieve what they thought was impossible.”

Mark ‘Magoo’ Robertson (Samba & Samba Reggae Facilitator)

Mark or ‘Magoo’, as he is better known, is our highly experienced Samba specialist. A JNC qualified Youth and Community Worker, he has been involved in youth, community and play work for voluntary and statutory organisations for over 20 years.

Mark trained with Bira Reis, the Brazilian composer and percussionist best known for his role in world famous samba reggae outfit, Olodum. Mark has since played regularly at Brazilian carnivals and toured internationally as a percussionist.

Mark loves drumming because of its ability to engage and unite. He says, “Anyone can take part at any level. It is totally inclusive and a great confidence-booster.”

Urszula Weber (European & African Harmony Singing Facilitator)

Urszula (Ula) is an extraordinary choral animateur, singer, teacher trainer and classroom music specialist.

Formerly a primary school teacher, she is now engaged in a wide variety of projects. As well as singing with the renowned choir Ex Cathedra, Ula is also Project Leader for Ex Cathedra’s acclaimed educational programme – Singing Playgrounds, and Vocal Projects Manager with Sandwell Youth Music service.

Ula conducts the Sandwell Youth Choir and the Kent Teachers’ Choir, and is invited to guest conduct at choral events across the country.

Organising many large-scale singing events, Ula is fabulous with children and adults alike.