Corporate Packages



From 30 minute ‘energisers’ to whole day events, we tailor our interactive drumming workshops to suit your needs. Our most popular packages include:

African Drumming Experience!

‘The Energiser’: 30mins – 1hr

A kick start for the day, an after-lunch revitaliser, or a grand finale – our energiser package will inject fun and vitality into your training day or conference. Short drumming sessions are highly-engaging and energising team-building exercises, act as effective ice-breakers and are a great way to get people ready for learning.

‘The Fun Intensive’: 2 – 3hrs

Longer sessions build people’s skills much further and include the “Rhythm Challenge”. The group is divided into smaller teams to compose their very own interactive percussion pieces to perform back to the whole group. Highly entertaining, this activity uses newly acquired skills and challenges people to work imaginatively and creatively together.

‘The Real Deal’: 4hrs+

Whole day events present the greatest opportunity for group development. People explore the many instruments and roles within an African drumming band, ensuring an in-depth experience of working together as a team. Groups are given an array of challenges to build their team skills, working towards a stunning performance at the end of the day. Whole days can also include our other exciting activities.

Other Activities

We offer the following activities as exciting extras for larger groups and events over two hours:

Drum and Sing Spectacular…

This magical combination is hugely popular and creates a real sense of occasion for the whole team. Working with UK renowned singers, the Drumvoice team orchestrates an unforgettable experience during which groups are introduced to the beauty and fun of African harmony singing, and also learn the skills of accompanying the singing as a drumming band. People are always amazed by the vibrant sound they can create together!

Samba Sensation…
It’s loud, colourful and direct from the carnivals of Brazil! Samba drumming gets people swinging to the irresistible groove of the Latin beat with an exciting array of instruments, from the huge surdo drums to hand-held shakers and bells. The exhilarating sound and great sense of achievement make it an experience people never forget!

Issue-Based Training

Our staff development packages use the African drumming experience as an exciting platform for developing individual skills and group dynamics, building strong and motivated teams.

In a climate of economic pressure there are increasing demands on business professionals to meet targets and deal with changing requirements. More than ever, people need to feel they are part of a supportive team, with positive leadership and good morale.

We bring our own highly skilled trainers and can collaborate with your trainers to explore:

  • Effective team-working
  • Leadership & management skills
  • Creating a vision
  • Assertiveness skills
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Stress management

Drumvoice will deliver a package to suit the needs of your organisation.

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