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A great team-building event – full of atmosphere and fun!
Alec Patterson, Training Manager, Barclays
An amazing experience and a fantastic tool to use within training… A great way to break down barriers and communicate with each other on all levels.
Emma Jennings, The Orange Studio
Our graduate program needed an event to help them ‘gel’ together. Drumvoice was recommended to me and they brought FUN and ENTHUSIASM to the whole event. I have already booked them for our next program.
Claire Lawson, Management Development Manager, Tarmac
Just to say how much I enjoyed your session at the bank’s Management Centre… It was obvious that the participants had a good time, and the feedback I received was MOST POSITIVE.
Nick Stephens, Business Banking Manager, Lloyds TSB
SIMPLY AMAZING! Drumvoice made our team-building day a memorable event that our staff have talked about over and over again. The teams had so much fun… I can recommend them completely.
Carole Longden, MD, Longden Associates
Our project group was a collection of people from different areas of the business. Sarah, Goggie and the team used their talents to bring our diverse group together and produced amazing results. We all loved the use of the drums – it was so DIFFERENT from anything we had ever done before.
Tony Perry, Egg
Many, many thanks for such a fun inspirational workshop. It was even better than I had hoped for. People really enjoyed it and it was all just what we needed.
Annette Fleming, Chief Executive, Aquarius
All the feedback was very positive and both Paul Lake who was the sponsor of the event and all participants were delighted with the session.  Paul’s comment was that it was ‘just right’ timing, style and activity and great fun.  The drumming session was the first thing to be mentioned on the ‘What Went Well’ board at the end of the 2 days! Thanks for a very professional session.
John Thacker, Learning & Career Development, Rolls-Royce
One person commented how the feeling of achievement made goose bumps appear on her arms – very powerful
David Evitts, AT&T Training

Case Studies

Drumvoice gives Aquarius counselors chance to let their hair down at annual conference

OVER 100 counselors from the alcohol and drug abuse service, Aquarius, got a chance to let their hair down with us recently for an African Drumming and Samba extravaganza.

Drumvoice was invited to the charity’s annual conference to add some fun and vitality to proceedings.

It wasn’t long before the normally quiet Quakers’ Woodbrooke Centre in south Birmingham was filled with the sound of drumming and singing as the group threw themselves wholeheartedly into the experience.

Even the venue’s porters and receptionists wanted to take part!

Director of Birmingham Aquarius, Annette Fleming, wrote to the Drumvoice team after the event and said: “Many, many thanks for such a fun inspirational workshop. It was even better than I had hoped for. People really enjoyed it and it was just what we all needed.”

Aquarius is a leading provider of alcohol and other addiction services and has been helping people since 1977. For members of staff operating in what must often be an intense and difficult environment, Drumvoice provided not only some light relief, but also an invaluable experience of working together as a creative and mutually supportive group.

Sarah Westwood, Director of Drumvoice, said she was delighted with the fantastic response from the delegates.

She said: “Annette had been particularly pleased when some of the more senior national directors joined in, playing drums just as enthusiastically as everyone else. What a healthy message for the organisation as a whole that it can work as such a united team.”

Drumvoice completes Britannia training event with a big musical finale!

DRUMVOICE transformed 60 weary Britannia delegates into an energised African drumming band as part of a special grand finale– and it went down a storm!

The Drumvoice team was invited to Keele University as part of a two day training event organised by Longden Associates on behalf of financial services provider, Britannia.

Arriving in snow and fog, Drumvoice facilitators were impressed to discover the group of 60 delegates had spent the previous two days in outdoor pursuits – enjoying the great range of team activities Longden are well-known for.

It was with some relief that the delegates discovered the final team building event of the weekend would take place indoors under the expert guidance of Sarah and the team.

The African Drumming Experience started with everyone seated in a colourful circle of drums and percussion instruments.

As the session progressed the group was introduced to the exciting range of instruments Drumvoice bring: the distinctive Djembe drums, the powerful Djun Djun bass drums, the mellow tones of the bougarabou and the plethora of hand-held instruments that create the wonderful textures of the rhythm orchestra.

The session culminated in a wild final performance, raising the roof of the University hall.

Carole Longden, Director of Longden Associates said she had been very impressed by the enthusiastic response the African drumming experience had generated amongst delegates.

“It was extraordinary how Sarah and her team manage to get everyone’s absolute attention, to see the look of concentration on their faces – it was incredible.”

Sarah Westwood said she too was pleased with how the event had gone. “People responded wonderfully to our mix of humour, focus and high expectations – and became a great band!”

The feedback from delegates after the event was that the drumming had been an exhilarating finale to their training, and an experience they would remember for a long time to come.

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