PILOT school for Ready Steady Drum! enters its third year working with Drumvoice. Sarah Westwood first developed her inspirational Ready Steady Drum! for Early Years as part of a project funded by Kingstanding Education Action Zone.

Drumvoice director, Sarah Westwood, co-ordinated drumming and dance programmes for primary schools throughout the Kingstanding area as part of an initiative to raise standards and improve cultural awareness.

Her relationship with Christ the King Catholic J/I School was particularly rewarding, and she has been asked back for more and more input over successive years, engaging nursery and reception children in her exciting Ready Steady Drum! activities.

Assistant Head Teacher and Head of Foundation at the school, Caroline Shields, has been a long-standing advocate for the steady beat programme after she reported remarkable improvements in children’s learning capabilities after just two terms with Drumvoice.

Speaking about the success of the Ready Steady Drum! programme, she commented: “As the children have developed their own steady beat competency, where we have seen a marked improvement in their ability to clap, walk, sway and move to a variety of rhythms, we have also seen a marked improvement in many other areas. The most obvious area is in the children’s listening skills – a skill that needs to be continually developed over many years.”

She added: “It is quite rare to have children in nursery whose listening skills improve significantly within one academic year, especially in a geographical area where it is acknowledged children perform at a level much lower level than the national average. These same children have significantly improved their listening skills and as a result of this have achieved beyond our expectations.”

Caroline and her teaching staff said children involved in steady beat activities had a better understanding of patterns and as result were able to learn number sequences learned more readily.

Because of Ready Steady Drum! “They are able to recognise numerals earlier and put them into numerical order because they have it well ingrained in their minds – it has more meaning,” said Caroline. “They seem more able to see patterns within the context of colour and shape and so they have excellent sequencing ability.”

She added: “They have developed their communication skills by learning to listen and respond, a prerequisite to language that many of our children miss out on within the home.

“The children’s coordination definitely improved as a result of the programme and this came through in both their gross and fine motor skills.”

Caroline was equally impressed by the positive impact Ready Steady Drum! had on those children with low confidence and poor self esteem.

“The children benefitted on a personal level in that they felt good about what they were doing and they reveled in their own success. They became more confident as their skills developed and they were then more confident when facing other experiences. When young children have the confidence to try things for themselves, they really do go from strength to strength!”

To find out more about our Ready Steady Drum! programme please call us on 0121 442 4976 or 07812 991770.