Ready Steady Drum!

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Steady Beat for Early Years (Includes CD & Manual)

Ready Steady Drum! is a unique and highly engaging Early Years staff training programme created by Sarah Westwood.

Developed from the inspirational work of education consultant, Ros Bayley, it offers a fun and accessible way for teachers to work with children to develop steady beat awareness – a foundational skill with profound learning implications. Research shows how valuable it is for children to develop this sense of steady beat and that it is a strong indicator of achievement in school.

Piloted through Education Action Zones in the Birmingham area, Ready Steady Drum! is now being widely endorsed by schools and nurseries thanks to the creative support it provides to many areas of the curriculum and observable benefits to children’s development.

Areas of improvement include:

  • Listening & Responding
  • Language & Numeracy
  • Motor control & Hand/Eye co-ordination
  • Social skills
  • Confidence
  • Turn-taking
  • Focus & Self-discipline

What does it involve?

Ready Steady Drum! engages children in a series of fun drumming, movement and singing activities all designed to develop beat awareness.

The programme is easily integrated into school life through circle time, child initiated learning and in support of phonics and numeracy.

The equipment is inexpensive and colourful – admired by children and staff alike. The activities are easy to learn and boost teachers’ range and confidence in music leading.

Training Format

A single day’s training with optional follow-up mentoring. Manual and CD included.

Half day and twilight introductory sessions are also available.

Course content includes:

  • The role of steady beat
  • Clapping & movement games and songs
  • Managing group music-making
  • Drumming rudiments
  • Working with rhythms
  • Leading skills
  • Creativity & development
  • Assessing progress

Drumvoice Mentoring

Drumvoice mentoring services provide support and an ongoing incentive for teachers to fully integrate steady beat activities into school life. We build on the skills acquired from the training day and provide an opportunity to discuss how the programme is progressing.

During half day visits to your school, our facilitators help participating staff deliver their ‘Ready Stead Drum!’ sessions. We provide practical advice and demonstrations to make sure your team is getting the most out of the programme. We also help assess children’s progress and advise accordingly.

Schools usually choose between two and six sessions, spread over one or two terms.

“In 20 years of teaching in nursery I have never had such an advanced group to send up to reception in regards to their speaking and listening. I am sure that activities like Ready Steady Drum! have made that difference.”

Helen Kenny, Hawkesley Nursery

“The day course was really enjoyable and useful, but the follow up work with Sarah was the most rewarding. It was great to work alongside a professional and have that support regularly to keep building my confidence.”
Suzanne Ray, Hawkesley Primary School

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