Staff Team-build/De-stress!

African Drumming Team-build & Stress-Relief for INSET days, NQT inductions & celebratory events

Please see our updated staff drumming for training, team building & stress-relief here at Primal Sound UK


Help your teaching staff to feel more of a team and give them skills they can share with the children, with our Drumming for Teachers! − a dynamic training session they’ll remember!

We provide a creative and outrageously fun approach to team-building and stress-relief for all teaching staff through our African Drumming Experience.

Research carried out by the Health & Safety Executive found teaching to be the most stressful profession in the UK. Feelings of isolation, particularly for Newly Qualified Teachers, can be a source of major stress.

Across the ages, drumming has been valued as a wonderful way to strengthen community spirit.

Drumming provides a highly engaging and effective platform for training, building trust, communication and mutual support within your team and creating a strong foundation for success in the academic year ahead.

Benefits of Drumming for Teachers!

  • Drumming is effective, lively & great fun.
  • Interaction & cooperation deepen a teaching community’s ties.
  • Inspires, synergises, team builds & boosts morale.
  • Relieves stress – lowers blood pressure & improves the immune system.
  • Drumming is accessible & inclusive.
  • It is a memorable experience that people will keep on talking about.

 Available for whole day, half day and twilight sessions.


“Drumvoice provided a great afternoon for our NQT’s as part of a team building session. Our NQT’s receive a two week induction in July and one of the aims of the programme is to ensure they bond and therefore can support one another. The session achieved this superbly!

“Some of them are now considering buying drums as a de-stress activity from the demands of teaching which is testimony to Drumvoice and the power of rhythm. It was a truly memorable experience for all of them.”
Diane Read, Assistant Head teacher/Senior Mentor to NQT’s, Arthur Terry School