Teacher Training

Music leadership skills, Team-building & Stress relief

Drumvoice training and mentoring programmes give teachers the confidence to realise their potential when it comes to music-making with children.

This means more and more schools can fully integrate rhythm activities into childrens’ lives in a sustainable fashion and to reap the tremendous benefits as a result.

Take a look at our unique ‘Ready Steady Drum!’ programme for Early Years practitioners and ‘Teach the Beat’ for KS1 – 4 staff.

Drumvoice also provide the African Drumming Experience for invaluable team-building and stress-busting INSET sessions. A very popular choice!

Drumming provides a highly engaging and effective platform for training, building trust, communication and mutual support within your team and creating a strong foundation for success.

What do we offer staff in your school?

Our Staff Development Packages:

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