The benefits!


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The effect of our African drumming experiences on any group is rapid and profound. Even in the first five minutes people are intrigued by the instruments, amused at their colleagues trying something different, and stimulated by being faced with a completely new experience.

Before long participants are learning how to engage with each other musically and using the skills that make for great team-functioning: listening, positive interaction and co-operation.

People leave our events with a new experience of each other. They have witnessed being highly successful as a team and having fun together in the process. This change of perception has lasting value back in the workplace.

Drumvoice events will…

  • Engage, motivate &  inspire
  • Lower stress & improve well-being
  • Improve listening skills & communication
  • Increase focus & concentration
  • Boost your team’s energy & receptivity
  • Boost morale & build team & company identity
  • Provide a platform for issue-based training

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