The Benefits


Drumming provides all children with a strong foundation for their musical understanding and offers wide-ranging benefits to many areas of development, as explained below.

Early Years children have shown notable improvements in regard to language, numeracy, motor control and social skills through our Ready Steady Drum! programme.

Above all, drumming is a great confidence booster, helping children express themselves and work positively together.

Musical Benefits

  • The exciting sound and quick results of drumming really captivate children, encouraging their interest in music.
  • Playing as a band promotes team work, self-discipline, patience and good listening skills.
  • Children develop focus and awareness of their place in the whole.
  • The ability to keep a Steady beat is invaluable to all musical endeavors and positively affects many areas of learning.
  • Drumming develops the technical skills for playing a variety of instruments and exploring and controlling the sounds they make.
  • Children learn about composition, tempo and time signatures, dynamics and structure.
  • Drumming promotes inclusion and encourages children to explore other instruments.

Cultural Awareness

  • Drumvoice offers a valuable and expert insight into non-Western music-making using authentic instruments.
  • Our workshops provide the ideal practical accompaniment to existing cultural projects.

Community cohesion

  • Drumming encourages a sense of unity by promoting communication, mutual understanding and teamwork.
  • Every pupil has a responsibility to make an equal positive contribution.
  • All of our drumming experiences can be shared by the whole school with assembly performances across year groups.


  • Regardless of academic achievements or social background, all children love to drum and enjoy a real sense of success from the experience.
  • The opportunity to perform the role of conductor is an especially powerful experience, providing a valuable boost for quieter students and an outlet for the more exuberant in class!

Social Skills

  • Drumming develops children’s listening skills, focus and self-discipline as well as their ability to take turns and to respond and express.

Brain Development

  • Music has been found to engage the brain globally, greatly stimulating the development of neural pathways.
  • For Early Years especially, rhythmic activity is proven to positively impact on motor skills (hand/eye coordination), language development and mathematical understanding.

Accelerated Learning

  • Drumming caters beautifully for different learning styles.
  • Those children who don’t happen to be high achievers in reading, writing and arithmetic can still excel in drumming and benefit from developing the many skills involved.


  • Composing and arranging rhythm pieces involves children in creative thinking and decision-making processes.