What’s Involved?


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During all our events surprise and fun reign supreme!

Participants are invited into a colourful seated circle of African drums and percussion instruments…

We begin by introducing the distinctive Djembe drums. Then we bring in the powerful Djun Djun bass drums, the mellow tones of the bougarabou and an array of hand-held instruments. Together they create the wonderful textures of West African percussion music.

All our fully interactive drumming experiences include:

  • Playing techniques & rhythm games
  • Learning traditional African rhythms
  • Responding to calls & signals
  • Being the conductor!
  • Building layers of rhythms to create a whole piece of music
  • Grand performance!

People learn the skills of making music together and team up to play the interlocking polyrhythms of West African drumming. They identify and applaud the different sounds and dynamics of the rhythm orchestra, and soon recognise themselves to be a creative and united team.

Sessions culminate in a high-energy musical celebration, bringing everything together for a powerful team-bonding performance!

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